What to Do When You Can't…

A pandemic is hitting the world, colliding with fuel of social media and its instant transmission, everywhere. As a result, the world is shutting down, leaving us at home, sedentary and bewildered on what might come next.

Sadly, gyms, sports venues, yoga studios and any place we can go ‘play’ are now out of bounds, which is another problem to deal with. Working out, staying fit, and reducing stress were all good things to combat what we are fighting now.

As the body becomes sedentary, we may start running into problems of mobility, back and neck pains and reduced immune responses. Being aware of this should help.

Our recommendation is to find ways of exercising AND stretching at home. I would still run outside if my foot problem ever went away, but it is a good idea to not let our bodies settle too much. Muscle groups tighten, restricting movement and blood flow. Busy and stressful lives turbo charge our problems.

One of the little known sources of pain, which will increase as our population ages, is the slumping forward of the shoulders, which then positions the neck and head forward, putting strain on our backs, necks and shoulders. Most of the pain and suffering we treat at Reach Studio if from this very progression forward: our life of computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones are accelerating that.

There are two self correcting stretches I share with Reach Studio clients. The first is to stand in front of a door frame, arms out first at an angle 45 degrees down, next at 90 degrees out (like an airplane), and then finally at 45 degrees up, and lean through the open door frame, to stretch out your pectoral muscles and rotator cuffs. Keeping your head up and looking forward while you do. Breath easily and relax. For about 10 seconds in each pose. Repeat up to three times a day. The more we open up, the better.

You will notice you are taller, your head and shoulders better aligned with the rest of your body. And when you walk, let’s remember not to stoop forward, though you may feel you have the problems of the world on your shoulders…(in fact, we might this time). Stand tall, walk upright and you will start feeling better, with less pain, stiffness, headaches and a better prospect of mobility in the long term.

Best wishes in this trying time, the Team from Reach Studio

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