We are a team of dedicated people who love to help others. The touch needed to relax, release and empower anyone does not come to everyone.  It takes time to find and train the right people.

We offer four basic massage techniques, including our own special Reach Therapy Massage.

Reach stands for the principle of ‘reaching in’ to the body to the therapeutic depth of touch. We start with a relaxing Swedish massage and slowly ‘reach’ just a little deeper, until we find that pressure level where the pleasure is in releasing, not causing, pain.  If you are in tune with it, you can actually feel a release of tension and leave through our hands. That is what our clients say.

Reach Therapy Massage is a fusion of several massage techniques, combined with other modalities, to bring you to a new state. The core treatment is a Swedish massage and includes acupressure, Thai and Shiatsu techniques,  while performing intuitive tension mapping for the entire body.  Reach Massage is licensed with the City of Vancouver under a Therapeutic Touch Technique.

The goal of the Reach Therapy Massage approach is to find and release cumulative tensions and strains, allowing your body to return to a more relaxed, optimum state. You leave with stretches and unique exercises and that enhances your progress between treatments.

If you just need to relax, we recommend the Swedish relaxation massage.  If you are tight in the hips, or need general stretching and meridian massage work,  we recommend a deep tissue massage.

Athletes, be you weekend warrior or highly tuned Olympic machine, will find something more in their body than they thought. Your more ‘available’ muscles usually yield more balance, speed, power and flexibility in no matter what you do.

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