Services + Prices

We offer several massage experiences to help you. Each is different and will have different outcomes.  But all are good and enjoyable.

We are currently honouring our prices that have stayed mostly unchanged since Reach Studio opened two years ago.  Reserve your visit here, or through or call 604 730 6888.

These prices are as follows:

Relaxation Massage
Warm, soft hands and long strokes welcome you to the Relaxation Massage. Our bodies are always on the go, relaxation at Reach is meant set your body to a different tune, one of peace and tranquility.

30 min – $40            45 min – $50            60 min – $60             90 min – $90

Reach Therapy Massage
The ‘Reach’ Massage is much more than a massage. It is likely one of the most full healing experiences you will find. It ‘reaches’ into you to find what is wrong and follows the path of tension to fix it, releasing the tension as it goes.

If you are young or old, active or not, you will have a wonderful feeling while you have it, and be amazed once your finished. It heals the hurt and injured, relieves pain and stress, and increases the capacity to perform…at work, home or on the field of sport.

30 min – $50            45 min – $60            60 min – $75             90 min – $100

Deep Tissue Massage
While the Reach Massage only ‘reaches’ into the muscles deep enough for being therapeutic, a deep tissue massage can go deeper still. Highly intense sport creates many athletes that are solid and tight. They need something more to loosen then muscles.

30 min – $50            45 min – $60            60 min – $75             90 min – $100

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