We are in the location of a former Thai Spa, so we have very good ‘bones’.  All of the team have experience, yet we all come from different places.

The story of Reach Studio really started so very long ago.

In the beginning.

Peter Ormesher is the founder of Reach Studio. He first learned more of body movement in a bio-physics course at University (of Western Ontario). Later, living in Sweden, his fiancee at the time Annalena, was studying at Stockholm’s Axelsons Institute, the Sweden’s leading massage school.   Through the textbooks and practice, Peter was exposed to the fundamentals of Swedish massage.  In 2011 Peter attended a course at the Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage.

Then came bad/good luck.  A long lost passion toward hockey was rekindled long after he thought it was not possible to play. When getting a call from a friend, he joined the Ivey Mighty Bucks hockey team and from there we was up to playing 4 times a week. Playing hockey with a runner’s physique meant a long string of soft tissue injuries. Motivated to return to hockey, he rehabilitated with doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists intensively. This process led to insights in how our bodies become weaker in some areas, stronger in others. It was the basis of understand how muscle-tendon-skeleton alignments work, or don’t.

Peter bought a the Aquae Sulis Holistic Spa in Tsawwassen in 2011 and expanded the scope to add healing under a west coast wellness theme.  The AquaTerra Beauty & Wellness Spa was the first to offer RTM technique to clients. It was unique, and special. The common comment was that it was ‘healing’ like never before.


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