Dear Friends,

It seems our desire to close for a bit, for your well being and our staffs, has become law in BC. It is a good idea, we fully support it, though to be honest, we might be at this for a while.

I am for sure saying this for everyone here, we really enjoy helping you feel better physically and mentally, ever the more now. The anxiety is no good for any immune system…so de-stress as much as you can.

Stay Safe, Friends

We hope it soon that we see you again. The reality is nobody knows where this goes or for how long. It will take, what it takes.

Please stay safe, let’s do the right thing for our families, friends and colleagues. Knowing our clients like the way we do, I am sure that will be your priorities, too.

For you that would like to find how to get some of the best edible cannabis gummy products (from Twisted Extracts) send us an email. Even without our healing massage, they can help. The Sativa’s pick you up and interesting for periods of creativity. Indica’s for sleep and relaxing. CBD for pain and helping with sleep or pain or anxiety. They all really help people create, stretch and relax. With self isolation, cannabis may give you a feeling of comfortable and thoughtful time.

If you like, write us at or stay tuned for any thoughts by following:

Be well, be healthy…see you again.

Peter, Josie, Alena, joined by the many amazing people who makes Reach Studios so special to us all.