Thursday June 17th

Open on West Broadway, West 4th and on Granville – Marpole

Kindly wear a mask to our studios. Thank you. And if you are not feeling great, please wait to come another day.

We have Deanna, Canela and Maya at 3171 West Broadway today in Kitsilano. The phone number is 604 730 6888. It is located 2 1/2 blocks west of Macdonald, between Balaclava and Trutch. Open weekdays from 11 to 8 pm, on weekends until 7 pm.

We have Mira, Sofia and (after 2) new Danielle at 1937 West 4th Avenue, Suite 201, also in Kitsilano. The phone number is 604 564 1662. It 1 1/2 blocks west of Burrard Street, above the Chi Restaurant. Also open from 11 to 8 pm weekdays, 11 to 7pm on weekends.

We have Nadia and new Mia at 8268 Granville Street in Suite 201. Phone is 604 264 0451. Located right at 66th Avenue. Open from 11 to 8 pm weekdays, closed most weekends. Parking is abundant. Can park underground, go to south elevator and up to the second floor.

3171 West Broadway – Deanna, Maya and Canela (l to r)

1937 West 4th Avenue, Suite 201 – Mira, Sofia and new Danielle (l to r)

8268 Granville Street, Suite 201 – Nadia and Mia (l to r)

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