On Monday May 20th, we are open at 3171 West Broadway and at 1937 West 4th Ave, Suite 201.

At 3171 West Broadway we have masseuses Cherie, Laura and Sara. The direct number is 604 730 6888. We are located 2 1/2 blocks west of Macdonald Street.  It is open from 11 am to 8 pm, 11 to 7 pm on weekends and holidays. 

At 1937 West 4th Avenue, suite 201 we have Emily and Mira. It is located 1 1/2 blocks west of Burrard, upstairs from Chi Restaurant. They can be reached at 604 564 1662. Open from 11 to 8pm every day, except from 11 to 7 pm on weekends and holidays. 

3171 West Broadway –  Laura, Sara and Cherie (l to r)

1937 West 4th Avenue, Suite 201 – Mira, Emily and Selina (l to r)