Time for A Reset?

Some of us are fortunate to have lives in which we go to a job that stimulates us, families who make us laugh, and generally surrounded by fulfilling experiences, laughter and love.  However, for many, these things are available in small doses and the gaps show up all too often leaving us bored, trapped and unfulfilled. Bored by the monotony. Trapped in a job to earn a paycheck, as we have bills to pay for a family, a house or just surviving. Some of us are between jobs, or caught by an unforeseen downsizing or redundancy.  And our love lives.  Are some of us are unfulfilled?

If the latter is you, then you are not alone. No matter where you are, what you do, how much you make, we see many still wondering about the future, and what more it could be. The proverbial thought bubble follows some of us asking the most difficult questions. Like me, have you ever asked what your life was about, and what could one do to improve it?

My earlier life as an investment banker and turnaround guy was amazing.  I worked with bright people, on interesting projects, and I was richly rewarded.  While I sacrificed sometimes a lot with family and friends, and was often short of sleep, the buzz of my life made it all worthwhile.

Even so, the ‘Is this it?’ bubble sometimes followed me, often in the shadows.  Especially when it came to finding love.

At 33, I would call a yearlong time out, travel the world, mostly by motorcycle, move to Sweden, fall in love with Annalena (whom I would marry and start a family), learn a language and start consulting in the developing world, helping others. In Africa, Eastern Europe and China we would go and help solve economic, environmental, health and gender empowerment problems.  It was a big reset of my life, which is not for everyone.  Albeit, even a small reset though can result in a lifegiving change in your fortunes, your heart and overall well-being.

While I loved my previous life, there WAS something out there, that was more….much, much more.  Despite having financial security and still enjoying the great friends I met, corporate life can be too comfortable, too constraining, and far too often an existence in which one can feel caged.  Family lives suffer through it all and mostly, it’s you who feel unfulfilled – going through the paces with less and less passion and enthusiasm as time passes.

We all have something to offer the world, we all have something to gain by rethinking what makes us tick.  If overall well-being is our goal, for us and those around us, maybe you owe it to yourself to have a good look inside and explore the world from a new perspective.

Peter Ormesher, info@reachmassage.com

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