Reach Treatment-for A Better Life

Every activity we do, even sitting, affects the tension of muscles and ligaments in our body. Sit too long at a desk, hunch over a computer, and you will soon develop ‘Desk Curve’. (see the diagram to the side, on the ‘evolution’ of posture). Run 5 or 10 k every other day, skate, play soccer, ultimate or volleyball, and you will notice hamstrings, calves and buttocks begin to tighten. It is not long before shoulder or knee pain, plantar fasciitis or shin splints show up.

Are these challenges preventable? Of course! Reach Studio of Massage was founded to address our many life-induced imbalances. We are like a realignment centre for the body (and I’m told, the soul).

The minor downside of having an active life is muscle tightening and the imbalances they create. If we overuse some and underuse other muscles, we start a cascade of effects in our body that will eventually bring us down. Ever notice the growing number of people wearing orthotics, going to chiropractors, waiting for hip and knee replacements or just quitting the things they love to do? We had a successful lawyer in the other day who’s day in and out over a computer screen led to severe pains in the neck so tcropped-poor-posture-diagram.gifhat the only relief was a serious surgery to fuse vertebrae together. It can happen to us all.

Reach Treatments are part massage, part investigation of your tight muscles and any imbalances, and then a gentle systematic release. It is incredibly relaxing.

The Reach Treatment is only available here at Reach Studio, so book a free 15-minute consultation and let’s start getting you to you or your loved ones off to a better life. You will be glad you did.

Reach Studio of Massage & Well Being
3171 West Broadway, Vancouver, V6K 2H2
604 730 6888,,



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