Help A Friend A Week-A Reach Massage Giveaway

Help A Friend-Nominate TodayA few days ago, we were approached by a lady who asked, since we are a social venture, would we be open to discounting or giving away a massage to someone who could really use it, but could not afford even our low prices.  I loved the directness and sincerity of her request.  For sure we would.  She came in yesterday and the hour was filled with a rich learning experience for me. In the end it was me that likely gained most. (Though she told me later how much better she feels, even walking home.)

So we will start each week with a request for nominations of who of your friends, colleagues and family would deserve, enjoy or benefit from receiving a healing Reach Massage, complimentary from us.  It could be for any reason but to help us choose, write to us confidentially at with your nomination and perhaps why you think they might want or need it.  If chosen, they will know who recommended them, but not the reason why.

We will select one person a week, in a way thanks to you.  Write to learn more.

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