Use a Computer or Smartphone?

If you answered yes, and if reading this you likely must, then this is something you can think about.

We Have Those DaysWe find many people that use computers for work or fun start to wear in a few key areas. Everyone knows carpal tunnel syndrome. That pain in your forearms and wrists that renders you nearly screaming for relief.  This affects millions of us every day. More prevalent still is tendon and muscle strain which has yet to progress to CTS, but still causes pain and fatigue.  Computers and smartphones are the main culprits. As well, if you play sports, forearm and wrist tension affects players of golf, hockey, tennis, and most everything else that uses your hands.  The problem is found with almost everyone.

However the biggest impact of computers and smartphones is the rounding forward of our shoulders and dropping our head to get closer and better see the screen.  Neck tension causes real pain directly and the tension causes secondary problems such as headaches, sleeplessness and short attention span. These factors are not only physically irritating, they interrupt our thinking and other life patterns. They interfere with creative thought, and introduce a shorter fuse when emotional control is in high demand.  We even use the phrase ‘you are a pain in the neck’ to tell someone they are being a problem.

Prevent ProblemsWe at Reach have created a treatment package around restoring us to a better neck, shoulder and wrist-arm-elbow condition.  We remove the tension, address any tendon fatigue or strain and work to return you to a better position.  We can guarantee you are going to feel better, so you can turn your attention to more important, and enjoyable, matters.  Like opening that next bottle of fine wine.

For a free consultation, call 604 730 6888, email or come by the Studio at 3171 West Broadway in Kitsilano.

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